Rabbit Boarding

We have 5 outdoor enclosures to board rabbits and guinea pigs.

Each enclosure has a hutch and a run that your pet has access to throughout the day. Each run has tubes, fruit tree branches and other toys to provide entertainment for your pet. The runs are fully enclosed and built on a concrete base to ensure their safety.

We require rabbits to be vaccinated against myxomatosis and VHD1 and VHD2.

Only neutered or same sex animals from the same home may share a pen.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are provided with Burgess Excell nuggets, ad lib hay and greens daily. Fresh water is always available. You are welcome to bring your own food if your animal is not on this diet.

1 rabbit £7.50 a day

2 rabbits £11.50 a day

1 guinea pig £6.00 per day

£1.50 a day for any further guinea pigs sharing.

We are also able to accommodate house rabbits indoors. Please call Rachel to discuss this if you are interested.